Hi! I am Alicia.
I design and develop websites.
Based in Munich, working globally.

Recent projects:

I work in two ways:

My skills

I am an artist, and I combine digital and analog techniques. This experience helps me develop designs for web pages in different styles: whether you want a minimalist or an artistic design, I can do it.  My workflow starts with a mood board to catch your ideas. After it, I do a mockup on Adobe XD or Figma.
UX -User experience Design-
The goal you want to reach with your website is the most important starting point. Together we develop a communication strategy so your user understands the message and gets a a pleasant experience on your website.
Performance for SEO
There are many technical aspects to getting a high-performance website. I coded my first websites in the late '90s. I also use no-code tools, but I am still firmly committed to a clean and light code.  All of this helps for better performance and SEO results.
Coding & Non-coding tools
I like to code, but also I know many non-code tools that are awesome.
I love to work with Webflow; it allows my clients to make changes with no risks.

Digital entrepreneur

I have experience doing digital business, so I know the priorities for an entrepreneur and the path to take a business online: a good design, a clean technical development with clean code and UX,  a launch strategy coordinated with social media, all of this to make a real connection with your user.

I have learned a lot with my project MUCvibes about this journey; it has brought me many good things, I have met many valuable people.
Visit MUCvibes
I am a big enthusiast of visual arts. I have learned a lot in different ateliers with art teachers. I like to work on various projects in analog ways, like ink and paper, and digital techniques with coding or drawing with a tablet.
I discovered the art world at drawing classes with Emilio Carrasco in Mexico. When I moved to Munich, I kept attending workshops with different artists. I have participated in several art exhibitions, especially for ex-libris, in many countries.
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Make Creative Lab

In the Creative Lab, you learn how to make a webpage that drives results for your business. A Blog, e-magazine, e-shop, or everything you need.

Due to the pandemic, this lab emerged from the need to make websites quick and affordable for everyone. With the help of non-code tools, the site owner can make numerous interventions without any programming knowledge. I work in a hybrid way: teaching the site owner how to use these tools, and at the same time,  I do the difficult parts.
I am Alicia Enciso De León
My professional training is in two directions and two countries: MEXICO and GERMANY; a degree in Finances and a training in visual arts and coding. As a result of doing interactive art projects, I learned to program. Browsers are wonderful canvas, so I learned HTML, CSS, and JS, making my way to WEBDESIGN projects.

Make Creative Lab

SAT. 27 NOV / 10:30 AM CET

first step: a good website

If you don't know if it is a good option to make your website on your own or hire a freelancer or agency, you will clear up your mind after this workshop. You will also get a clear path to start by yourself if you want to go in this journey.

Webflow Munich Chapter

I am happy to be leading the Webflow Chapter in Munich. Join us to talks and meetups with experts and a growing community.
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